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As an ordinary people, we are so easily to be agitated by external circumstances, and caused our mind full of greed, hatred, delusion, arrogant and doubt.

As such, we need to continue learn & practice dharma teaching to tame the “Wild monkey” in our mind.

A great story sharing by Master Cheng Yen

Silver and Snakes

“There was one occasion where Buddha and his follower, Ananda, were walking on the road. All of a sudden, Buddha said: “Ananda, there are poisonous snakes!” Ananda thought that there were actually poisonous snakes, but after he had a look, it was in fact a pile of shiny silver. Nevertheless, Ananda answered: “Yes Master, there are poisonous snakes!” They turned a blind eye to it and kept walking.

Behind them, there were a father and son who overheard what Buddha and Ananda said about the snakes. Their curiosity was aroused and they went to…

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