Tomorrow is a great day, the first day of Lam-rim retreat.

Half an hour ago we welcomed H.E. Trigane Rinpoche at the Dharmaling center.

Lam-rim is the vast topic of the graduated path of enlightenment. “Lam” we could say it means the path, the path of the mind and “Rim” stages, graded stages. So in short Lam-rim is the framework to study and work on the teachings of the Buddha.

My motivation is to find the way to stop suffering for all beings. Till now i never ever found any higher purpose than this in our lives. But in order to accomplish the path as soon as possible i need to train my mind so i can truly work for the benefit of all sentient beings.

As there are little information about Lam-rim on the web i am adding good link so you can check, the best i know is on the web about it “Introductory Survey of Lam-rim

I’ll keep you posted.

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